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Powderworks is constantly tweaking its setlist for your listening pleasure. Currently:

PICTURES (Species Deceases, 1985)

BRAVE FACES (Place Without a Postcard, 1981)

LURITJA WAY (Capricornia, 2002)

TRUGANINI (Earth and Sun and Moon, 1993)

COLD COLD CHANGE (Head Injuries, 1979)

BACK ON THE BORDERLINE (Head Injuries, 1979)

NO REACTION (Head Injuries, 1979)

LUCKY COUNTRY (Place Without a Postcard, 1981)

KOSCIUSKO (Red Sails in the Sunset, 1984)

THE DEAD HEART (Diesel and Dust, 1987)

WHEN THE GENERALS TALK (Red Sails in the Sunset, 1984)

BEST OF BOTH WORLDS (Red Sails in the Sunset, 1984)

NO TIME FOR GAMES (Bird Noises, 1980)

PROGRESS (Species Deceases,1985)

BULLROARER (Diesel and Dust, 1987)

BEDS ARE BURNING (Diesel and Dust, 1987)

BLUE SKY MINE (Blue Sky Mining, 1990)

KING OF THE MOUNTAIN (Blue Sky Mining, 1990)

SOMETIMES (Diesel and Dust, 1987)

DREAM WORLD (Diesel and Dust, 1987)

WRITTEN IN THE HEART (Place Without a Postcard, 1981)

SHORT MEMORY (10-1, 1982)

US FORCES (10-1, 1982)

STAND IN LINE (Head Injuries, 1979)

I’M THE CURE (Bird Noises, 1980)

ONLY THE STRONG (10-1, 1982)


FORGOTTEN YEARS (Blue Sky Mining, 1990)

READ ABOUT IT (10-1, 1982)

HERCULES (Species Deceases, 1985)

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