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Join Powderworks in celebrating the Power and the Passion of Midnight Oil

Powderworks is a four-piece rock band from Newcastle, Australia, formed to celebrate the music of Midnight Oil.

Powderworks is not another Oils tribute but rather a group of seasoned musicians dedicated to evoking the unbridled energy of early, small-venue Oils shows.

Powderworks, considering the members of Midnight Oil inimitable, eschews impersonation in presenting faithful renditions of many well-loved (and some slightly more esoteric) Midnight Oil tracks for your listening pleasure.

Powderworks exhorts you to bring your best Garrett to the show so all may collectively revel in a time when sweat dripped from the ceiling of every venue while a Cold War raged. You are invited...

Band photo of Powderworks, Midnight Oil cover band from Newcastle, Australia.

A-mazing you guys were fantastic!

Tara Martin.png
Tara Martin

...loved the music, very high musical standard, beautifully executed, good energy, felt real, and 'real' is ... rare these days...

Brendan Dilley

Great night last night!! Thanks.

Jayne Micallef.png
Jayne Micallef

Fantastic night! Can't wait for the next time.

Jodie Jodie.png
Jodie Jodie

Powderworks are great. The Midnight Oil covers rock!

John Flint.png
John Flint

Literally the best time 

Ebony Hayes.png
Ebony Hayes
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Photo of the Wickham Park Hotel, band venue frequently played by Powderworks, Newcastle, Australia's Midnight Oil cover band.
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